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I Have Fry!

How about some baby mbuna? The large ones were released around Nov 17, 2007, and the small ones on Jan 27, 2008. They're a little over 2 months old in the picture, and the smaller ones are just 2 days old. Twenty more have been born since this picture was taken, so I have about 60 babies to give away for free:

Here's the mother of the babies in the picture above. She's holding eggs in her mouth. She's a Labidochromis Caeruleus:

The blue fish below is the father of the babies. He's surrounded by different generations of his offspring. He is a Labeotropheus Fuelleborni from the Chidunga Rocks region of Southwestern Lake Malawi:

Here's another picture of the father with his offspring. The yellow fish on the right without the vertical bars is the mother:

Here are some hybrid fish hiding from the dominant fish in the tank. I've since given them away to some local people:

Here's the dominant fish from whom those above are hiding. I named him "Blue Face", even though the other fish also have blue faces. I've found a good home for him, too, so he's no longer available:

Here's another picture of the hybrid fish. Both mothers of all the mixed breed fish in my tanks are visible in the photo. They're the two fish with no vertical bars on their sides:

If you're looking to own some pretty yellow rock fish from Lake Malawi, and don't mind that they're mixed breeds, please drop me an email. I've owned these fish for three years, and the hybrids have never bred, so they may be sterile. If you don't want your fish proliferating in your tank, then these genus/species crossover fish might be a good choice!

I live in Visalia, CA, and am willing to give away the smaller fish for free. I am not able to send fish by mail, however. Please contact me at dale@mossdev.com.

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